Third dates

Is it alright for the girl to ask the guy out on the third date? Does she need to stay coy, or is it a sign of confidence that she is able to say “Hey, do you want to go out again some time?”

  1. danke-danke said: Do it. The idea that women need to portray some dating stereotype is silly! If you like him ask him out for another date!!
  2. bebraveandbekind said: i think it’s a sign of confidence, but you should always play it “cool” (i am not entirely sure what this means, if i am honest. i am not cool) and leave it a little while before asking. i hope this helps! i never dated my fella so this is… pleh.
  3. dahliadaisie said: Don’t overthink, if you want to see him again just ask him out ;) And yes, that is a sign of confidence
  4. mumbleberrypie said: she just needs to be honest :) go ahead and ask!
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